1. Terreng
    Jon Wesseltoft & Balazs Pandi

  2. Breach
    Zeno van den Broek

  3. 2
    Radboud Mens & Matthijs Kouw

  4. Piano Music

  5. Not Knowing
    Alfredo Costa Monteiro

  6. Horizontal Alliances, Vertical Conflicts
    Rose & Sandy

  7. Onder/Stroom
    Frans de Waard, Richard Youngs, Peter Johan Nyland

  8. Ob-Literate (Unsounds)
    Zeno van den Broek & Gagi Petrovic

  9. FEAN
    FEAN (Piiptsjilling with Joachim Badenhorst, Sylvain Chauveau and Annelies Monseré)

  10. Spaces
    Jos Smolders

  11. Obscurum Per Obscurius
    Matthijs Kouw

  12. Siticidelhous
    Jean-Luc Guionnet & Miguel A. García

  13. Look At Your Body (MVK self-released)
    Matthijs Kouw

  14. Saxophone Studies

  15. Transmutation
    René Aquarius

  16. Kulverzuchter
    Bas van Huizen

  17. Focus Intensity Power

  18. Crystalline Tragedies / The Procession (distant motionless shores)
    Martijn Comes & Giulio Aldinucci

  19. You Are The Universe
    Preliminary Saturation

  20. Peripherad Debris

  21. Nobody Ever Escaped From There
    Ilia Belorukov

  22. Amsterdam CS
    Cinema Perdu

  23. Smelter

  24. Paintings
    Philipp Bückle

  25. Dwaal / Wold +
    Machinefabriek (Nicola Ratti / Benoît Pioulard)

  26. Dream Sequences vol.1 Orphax reframed
    Haarvöl, Jos Smolders & Machinefabriek

  27. Dedans / Dehors
    Francisco Meirino & Bruno Duplant

  28. Retroactions
    Kassel Jaeger

  29. Life (Dead Neanderthals self-released)
    Dead Neanderthals

  30. The Oblivion's Wordless Knot (Haarvöl self-released)

  31. Paranon
    Zeno van den Broek

  32. Worn Tape
    Masayuki Imanishi

  33. Caveman
    Tasos Stamou

  34. The Sprawl
    Distorted Nude

  35. dp[a] + hsh
    Gagi Petrovic

  36. Shade Of Impulse
    Frank Crijns

  37. Parkustomnie
    Jean-Luc Guionnet & Miguel A. García

  38. Bombinate

  39. Build A Mountain Where Our Bodies Fall (OFFICIAL EU DISTRO ITEM)
    Andrew Weathers Ensemble

  40. Somniātōrēs (Orphax Self-Released distributed item)

  41. Warschauer Straße (distro item)

  42. Weerkaatsing
    Orphax & Machinefabriek

  43. 2.20

  44. Stefan Thut: ABC 1-6
    Cristian Alvear, Cyril Bondi, D'Incise

  45. Interrogation Of The Crystalline Sublime
    Martijn Comes

  46. Trübhand
    David Fyans

  47. 1
    Radboud Mens & Matthijs Kouw

  48. Interventions In A Landscape
    Cinema Perdu

  49. Koura
    Tasos Stamou

  50. Artefact

  51. Waanzintraan
    Bas van Huizen

  52. Atsusaku
    Gareth Davis & Merzbow

  53. Time Waves

  54. Four Squared Wheel

  55. Untitled (Orphax Self-Released
    Martijn Comes & Orphax

  56. Music for Thái Ngọc (Orphax Self-Released)

  57. L´Anormalité // La Déviance (Betontoon)
    Martijn Pieck

  58. 8pmcityscapes (Betontoon)

  59. Kluwekracht
    Bas van Huizen

  60. Tria Atoma
    300 Basses

  61. Poetic Infomercial Experimentalism
    Tapage & Espoir

  62. Divergence
    Zeno van den Broek

  63. Indite

  64. Usotsuki [うそつき]

  65. Under The Dutch Sky

  66. O esplendor natural das coisas e inferno

  67. Locked So Tightly In Our Dreams
    Find Hope In Darkness

  68. DNMF
    DNMF (Dead Neanderthals & Machinefabriek

  69. Cheophiori

  70. Oniscus Asellus

  71. Dileab Cholbhasach (The Western Lands Pt. 1)

  72. The Four Elements

  73. Live at MFR HQ

  74. De Tragedie van een Liedjesschrijver Zonder Woorden

  75. Live at Moving Furniture Records HQ
    Sindre Bjerga & Nils Rostad

  76. Of What Once Was

  77. Play Cat's Cradle
    Rose & Sandy

  78. Archival

  79. Between The Woods And Frozen Lake
    A Vibrant Struggle

  80. 4 AM
    Small Things On Sundays

  81. Dora Elizabeth
    H Stewart

  82. The Drone Gnome
    Jos Smolders

  83. Broadcasting on Ghost Frequencies

  84. True Type

  85. Red is the color for price by relation
    Christopher McFall

  86. Kapotte Muziek By
    Five Elements Music

  87. Values (Esc.Rec / Shipwrec / LoMechanik / Tapage & Espoir)
    The Void Pointers

  88. Passagen (Experimedia)
    Matthias Urban

  89. Dislocations (Experimedia)
    Pascal Savy

  90. Gramercy 2XLP (Miasmah / Gareth Davis)
    Gareth Davis & Frances-Marie Uitti

  91. Little Acts Of Rebellion LP (DEAR Music And Art)
    Danielle Liebeskind

  92. Shivers (Miasmah / Gareth Davis)

  93. Nantucket I - VI CD (KOMU / Gareth Davis)
    The Whalers Collective

  94. Sounds That Surround Me
    Dyane Donck

  95. Mere (Gizeh / Gareth Davis)
    Mere (Gareth Davis, Thomas Cruijsen, Leo Fabriek


Moving Furniture Records Amsterdam

Moving Furniture Records is a label based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands specialized in releasing experimental electronic run by Sietse van Erve, started in October 2008.

We are mostly interested in drones, minimalist, microtonal and field-recordings music.
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